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Born in 1955 in Thouars, Mylène JOUBERT worked thirteen years in company. It aloud created and animates the Workshop reading Theater the Jean-Baptiste in Road metal-the-Marsh since 2005. Active member of the publisher Plowshare & Jib. 

Mylène Joubert likes the words at the point to involve groups of young people towards the theater. She likes them sufficiently to think that they will be able to cut down the walls which crush its pupils of the vocational school. She likes them enough to take us along in enticing public voyage-readings and to open to us carry worlds of authors who make it dream. 

Publications in the review Discharges.
Some share, somebody are fragile, Arts and Resistance, April 2010, editions Gros Texts.

White , Plowshare & Jib, April 2011
It continues the exploration of the poetic writing and the news.

WHITE , last publication, April 2011, text of Mylène Joubert, illustrated by Nicole Bouguenec



“Can the reader release Blanche once it put the “nose” inside?

I could not.

It is mineral (I believe that the word appears there), muddy, land, that sticks to the skin, the boots…

I find your agricultural origins there,

And then, this “muddy” torrent which carries you some time.

[You have] the direction of the smoothness of the words. [Your] writing precise, sharp, is adjusted…


And then, there are all the colors… and sometimes a raidillon of light. Y has hope!

Does Passage du sink, to and from, way of writing towards the life?”

Emmanuelle Parou, Motivia Blois Consultant s. Message of the 9/9/11 07:52


“I have just read and to read again one second “ White” time and I have the feeling that I will need other readings to take all the measurement of your book which releases initially a true emotion which leaves us on the razor of the feelings. One is in grelottement C œ ur stripped and at the same time in the heating envelopment of an inhabited poetry of striking down images or consolatrices. Innocence, purity, transparency, perversity, one goes with these words, the cry solidified in the throat, the vice of blue as in the black memories, the odorous sheet as in the wall of the shades. One is aspired by your words, inspired by this training of the glance. One is upright in the boat giv en to floods with blows of pugnacious words. On e remains a long time in the silence which joins again the cracks of the bonds. It is one beautiful book which took C œ ur to me.”

Jean-Pierre Sautreau, author of poetry. Message of the 6/12/2011


“I have just read your Blanche book .

I do not read much poetry, but I must say to you that your writings touched me much, moved, I adored. I you will speak again about it of sharp voice. It is very strong what you have just written especially for a instit which bump with some 6/7 year old young girls.

I will read again it (What almost never arrives to me ".

Christophe Noulet, storyteller, writer, musician. message of the 5/22/2011


Text © Mylène Joubert

Photographs: Mylène Joubert and Google Images

Translation: Thomas Caput





















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