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Next to the railways station, on the esplanade, The P' tits Ventres de Terre are the first concept of Vendean cooking which kept the soul and the spirit of the region and recognized gastronomic heritage of Vendee and the Pays de la Loire.

The concept is very original and is inspired by the vendean country. A cooking simmered in jars , light receipts which follow the rhythm of the seasons, the popularity of which is to be put on by a crown of bread or brioche for a steam cooking associated with juices of herbs. These youngs are the direct descendants of the jar with traditional white beans which simmered slowly in the corner of the fireplace of the vendean house.

By 2013, P' tits Ventres de Terre will integrate a very new very original and single space.

Dates and schedules of opening:

Opened by Monday noon at the Friday evening and Saturday evening. Closed on Sundays.

Prices: Meals from 9,90€ to 23,90€


79, Boulevard Maréchal Leclercq 85000 La Roche sur Yon, France

Tel: +33 (0) .55


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Country of measure, in the eased reliefs, in the welcoming coast(ribs), in the moderate climate, Vendée seems to have taken in its nearby regions what they had of more reasonable. So she(it) participates at once(at the same time) of Brittany, Anjou, Poitou and of Saintonge to appropriate their main qualities. Here the gastronomy is also moderate, harmonious and balanced: no clashes of flavors nor exaggerated spices, but just what it is necessary of spices to incite papillae by respecting flavors(perfumes) and tastes of products. Greedy and generous cooking(kitchen), thanks to the quality and to the variety of local products, that he(it) involve ducks of Challans, eels of the swamp, the games of the bocage, the shells and the fishes of islands and the two hundred kilometers of his(her,its) coast(ribs), vegetables scoops and fruits: Vendée so offers some cooking(kitchen) full of charm which it is advisable to accompany with its wines of the Fiefs from Vandee of Brem-sur-Mer, Mareuil, Pissotte and Vix, not enough known but elegant: white expenses and light, pinkish typified, red fruity and very drinkable. And then, it is advisable to associate with this gastronomy of delicious goat cheeses, an excellent delicatessen and multiple and fine delicacies which it is necessary to have a rough time, to take, to offer …