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Second of 4 boys, Jacques Chauvet spends the first years of his early childhood in the marais poitevin, in Maillezais, where his father is farmer.

When his mother died prematurely at 29 years old, Jacques Chauvet was 3 years old. The two younger brothers are placed separately with their maternal uncles and aunts. Jacques and his older brother came in Pouzauges, with their father.

The uncle works as skilled worker at Fleury Michon, a statute financially much more interesting than a farmer, however the makes a point of preserving.

Today, this past family lifestyle and this organization strongly marked of course the author, who defends himself from any nostalgia. But we find it widely depicted in the novel.

In spite of an aptitude for the letters very early noticed by his teachers, Jacques Chauvet prefers to enter the working life at 16 years. But, CAP out of pocket, it finds little interest of being an automobile mechanic.
At 20 years, he went to Fleury Michon as workman pork butcher. A few years later, a coincidence will enable him to move within this company which practices readily internal promotion.

We are in 1984 and Fleury Michon has launched out for a few years already in sponsoring sail with Philippe Poupon.

This year there, to Les Sables d'Olonne, all the staff is invited to the baptism of Fleury Michon VII, the largest catamaran of the world.

As Jacques Chauvet is President of the photo Club of Pouzauges, one entrusts a video camera VHS to him in order to immortalize the event. With the means of the edge, it arranges a pretense of video assembly. The 3 hours of rushes are converted into a document of 20 mn, with comments and music.

The video newspaper of Fleury Michon will be soon regarded as a reference and will receive many distinctions of national and international level.

Today, Jacques Chauvet always works at the Management of the Communication of the Group Fleury Michon where he manages projects in communication.


(extracts of the press release carried out by Jacques Chauvet, for its novel “ La révolte d'un fermier vendéen” “the revolt of a Vendean farmer”)


Translation : Thomas Caput.

















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